dedicated systems

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dedicated systems

Nowadays, promoting a company without the help of the Internet is a difficult task. Due to the huge number of people traversing the web every day in search of information, it is the perfect place to present your business. Currently, most companies have websites. They are like an online business card. Well programmed, with interesting graphical views will encourage a potential customer to take a closer look at the possibilities or products you have to offer. Certainly it is also important that a website is not a profile picture in a social networking site - you change it very rarely, properly constructed it will serve for many years. Therefore, when deciding to create your place on the Internet, it is worth entrusting this task to a trusted team.

Treść oferty

when you expect more

If in your vision, a website is extensive, functional, pleasing to the eye and easy to use, then dedicated systems come to the rescue. It means that no CMS system will be used to build your place on the web, and the whole work will be done by specialists step by step.

Dedicated systems allow for the construction of an intuitive application with many forms of integration and behavioural paths and use modern web technologies. At each stage of work many tests are carried out in order to detect errors and confirm the effectiveness of specific functions.

good communication

The best possible course of cooperation is very important to us. Work on a dedicated system starts with the presentation of assumptions and vision by the person ordering its execution. We regularly discuss with the customer particular stages of work and introduced functionalities. Subsequent realisations are always subject to the client's approval.

You don't have to worry that our paths will diverge once the application is launched. Our ongoing support allows you to maintain the site, make modifications and continue its development. We provide warranty and post-warranty support.


It takes time to create an application that meets today's requirements. Every detail should be thought through. We do not do anything hasty, because we take responsibility for it. Therefore, the implementation time depends on the complexity of the system and can take from 3 to 24 months.