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There is no denying that online shops are extremely popular - it is definitely a more convenient form of shopping than searching in stationary shops. This form of sales generates lower maintenance costs than running a traditional shop. As a result, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to offer his customers favourable prices, and as we know, nobody likes to overpay. The Internet is a mine of content, where we can find real gems these days, so creating an attractive online shop that will attract and keep customers can be a challenge. Solveit is up to the challenge!

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extensive functionality

Gone are the days of creating shops based on templates with a photo and a price, the bar has been set much higher. There is no excuse for not taking advantage of the facilities that running a shop on the Internet provides us with. Integration with online payment systems, automation of ordering courier services, discount coupon generation, and even automatic invoicing. Placing such solutions on the website should be supported by professional hosting and programming care, so that everything is done to the last button.

Apart from the programming work in case of putting an online shop on its feet, you cannot forget about the graphic part. Most of us are visual people, therefore a good graphic design is essential, but it is not only about nice colours and pictures, but also designing everything in a clear and convenient way for the customer. Moving around the site should be intuitive, so the correct arrangement of individual elements and content is half of the success.

Solveit has years of experience in designing and creating online shops from scratch. Therefore, we also offer support in legal matters - drawing up regulations, consents to forms or privacy policy. It is also worth considering online promotion, internet marketing certainly does not hurt, and may attract many customers. Additionally, we emphasise that all our activities are based on encrypted protocols, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your company.