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Nowadays, a website is a business card of a company. It is an inseparable element of a successful business. Clients very often first reach the website. That is why the visual design of a website is so important if we want to keep a potential, future customer with us. You can always take the easy way out and use a ready-made template when creating a website or online shop, but this is not what we want. It's worth approaching this professionally and creatively to stand out from other websites.

aesthetics and functionality

The responsibility for setting up the website lies with us, but this does not mean that the client has no say. After all, it is he or she who has to be satisfied with the project first and foremost. Therefore, we engage in cooperation, share ideas and listen to suggestions. Creating a website is often the beginning of a long-term relationship between Solveit's team and the client, so we try to leave a good first impression.

When creating a website from scratch, we focus primarily on a clear and understandable interface and simple navigation. We do not want to make it difficult for the user to navigate the site - it should be simple and intuitive. We also add trends, colour composition and matching the website design to the brand image. Let's remember that the Internet is available on various devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, netbook. Our programmers will also make sure that the website looks good on each of these devices. The same applies to operating systems: Windows, IOS and Android.