animation tło


Animation is an excellent tool that we can use for marketing purposes. Thanks to the universality of the graphic language, we are able to tell more than words can. We can create for you any creation, thanks to which you will be able to express your most abstract thoughts and ideas. We are limited only by imagination, which we have in abundance.

the animation
development process

  • brief

    To start with, we need to get to know you and your brand well. Describe exactly what you need and send us all the necessary graphic materials, which will allow us to create a material consistent with your identity.

  • concept

    After learning about your needs, our creative team gets together to brainstorm. We develop an original concept that can capture the interest of many viewers, and explain to them why your product is so great.

  • screenplay and storyboard

    According to the concept we create a script for our story, voiceover text and character dialogues. On the basis of the script a storyboard is created, which is a kind of comic book. In it, we try to capture the frames of each scene.

  • illustration style

    We will develop an illustration style tailored to your branding that will allow you to easily communicate messages about your business.

  • voiceover, music

    The voiceover and the soundtrack in animation are very important. In fact, they evoke the most emotions in the viewer.

  • creating an animation

    It's time to put everything together and create an animation that will be remembered by the audience. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but the result will certainly be worth it.