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During our long-standing presence on the advertising market, we have repeatedly had the opportunity to create projects and marketing campaigns for beauty salons and many other entities in the beauty industry. For some brands, we have accompanied them from the very beginning of their existence and we continue to support them with our creativity and knowledge of internet marketing.

If you too have an idea for your own beauty brand, we are happy to help and guide you through the process of creating your own brand.

What do we offer for your salon?


brand name

Coming up with a name may seem simple on the surface. But often, when we start thinking about it, we find that we don't know how to go about it at all. We can help you choose a name for your brand. We know very well what is important when creating a naming and we know what to pay attention to in order to avoid problems later on.



Logo is the basis of a good brand. It is the business card of your brand thanks to which your customers will recognise you. It can express the character of your company and help you reach the right target group. Properly designed graphic sign should be like "the best tailored creation", ideally suited to your needs and emphasizing your strengths.


publicity material

Once you have a brand name and logo, it's time to start telling those around you about yourself. The easiest way to make your presence known is to hand out advertising materials. These will let your potential customers know the scope of your business and where you are located.


outdoor advertising

It should also be easy for a potential customer to find the right place - your showroom. Posters, coffers, information boards or roll-ups with your advertising are the perfect signposts to ensure that customers find their way to you without any problems. Outdoor advertising is an opportunity for those who are currently looking for beauty services. Let them notice you.


car and window cladding

Advertising your salon on a car is a great idea, as creating a consistent branding is an important element when building your brand image.

We offer to enrich the decor of your salon by wrapping your shop window with an individually designed motif. Graphics on the windows/glasses of your premises are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also increase the comfort and sense of privacy for your customers.


promotional video

The hardest thing in advertising is to evoke emotion in the viewer. The best way to do that is to create a good commercial that grabs the viewers attention and makes it memorable. We know how to capture reality in a way that brings out its true beauty. We will let and help you show your best side during a photo-video session.


web visibility

An online presence is essential. This is where potential clients first look for the services they need. We will build for you a website comprehensively describing your business, thanks to which your salon will become visible to Internet users. You will be present on the Internet.

We will help you position yourself and manage your social media. Thanks to us you will be able to create a solid brand, build a consistent image, gain the trust of your future customers and build long-term relations with them.



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