Identity manual

Identity manual tło

Identity manual

Logo is like a detective story. Without a good director who will lead all the action and actors, instead of a suspenseful thriller it will turn out to be a not very funny comedy. The director in your case is the identity manual. It contains information about the logo design, colours used and typography. It is a personal and reliable guide to the correct use of your corporate logo. Thanks to this tool, you will know how to adapt your logo to your specific needs and materials.

Treść oferty

best guide

Unnaturally stretched logo, wrongly chosen background colour and font or visible pixels on a printout - avoiding such problems is worth studying the sourcebook, isn't it? We will prepare a paper version and an electronic version.

In addition to texts describing work with the logo, we also prepare a number of files in several formats, which will greatly improve the work of applying the logo to various types of materials. We have no doubt that the game is worth the candle!