rebranding tło


Sometimes your favourite clothes are hard to part with. It doesn't matter that you haven't worn half of them for years. "You'll see, you'll wear that blouse again," says your heart. "Throw it away, it will free up space in your wardrobe," says your mind. Sometimes it's a good idea to put sentimentality aside and start tidying up your wardrobe. Maybe now is the right time to refresh your brand?

Treść oferty

time to change

When looking through your photos from years ago, have you asked yourself "how could I dress like that?" Visual identity, just like style, goes through different stages and evolves in different directions with experience and company growth. You don't have to change everything. It's enough to consider which elements of your image need refreshing and adjusting to the current character and objectives of your brand.

Fortunately, you won't be making these decisions alone. After all, what are we there for? We'll tell you where you need to slightly open the barrel and where you need to open all the windows wide. We will take your logo and other graphic elements and adjust them to the new personality of your company.