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Stand out with an individual panel designed in such a way that the customer has no problem reaching you. Light boxes are a great option for making your presence felt. No matter where your company or office is located. We will make sure you get noticed.

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be visible

This is a relatively new form of advertising with many uses and possibilities. Round, square or rectangular? No problem. Single sided or double sided? Rest assured, we will help you choose the best solution. Recently popular are lightboxes, which even under the cover of night will effectively advertise your company.

We will make sure that your panel blends in well with the elevation of the building. Especially for you, we can make a visualization so that you can see the final effect of the composition. The panels are mounted parallel to the wall or perpendicularly with spacers. The shape is your free choice.

And rest assured, don't worry about increased electricity bills. It's true that LEDs make your advertising visible at any time of day or night. However, current techniques make them energy-efficient and cheap in operation. When choosing a light box, your budget will certainly not suffer. Only the recognition of your company may increase.