mesh tło


If you want to advertise on a grand scale, mesh is certainly the right choice! When you hear about low weight, high resistance to external factors, low susceptibility to wind, you think of an ideal material. These are the characteristics of mesh. Thanks to them, it will perform even in the most difficult tasks. No matter where it is placed, the print will be clearly visible and the overall appearance will draw the eye of many a perfectionist.

Treść oferty

for special tasks

The use of mesh on residential or office buildings is not a problem due to its high permeability to sunlight. Despite the large size of the manufactured advertisement, you do not have to worry about its weight, as both go hand in hand. Therefore, placing mesh on heights or relatively difficult locations will not be a problem.

We will discuss the exact dimensions, colours and graphic design together with you and find a suitable solution. We will adjust the size of the mesh on your request. Single-sided printing is made on 280g mesh.