Car wrapping

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car wrapping

Give your car a new look by wrapping it with a special foil. With personalised graphics, you'll no longer go unnoticed. As you travel the miles, spread the word about your company. Whether you travel through big cities, small villages, or across country borders, your advertisement will be perfectly displayed on your car. We will take care of the filming of one car or the whole company fleet, or just the windows of the cars.

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The design is created individually for each customer, so that it fits into the brand image and creates a common, interesting story, encouraging cooperation with the company. We work with the highest quality monomeric and cast films, so you do not have to worry about the durability and aesthetics of the wrapping. We ensure that the whole thing will please even the most watchful and demanding eye.

Still hesitating? Don't worry! We will be happy to help you. We will advise you, discuss the details and find the right solution for you.