Window cladding

window cladding tło

window cladding

There are many reasons to have your windows taped. Whether it's for advertising or sun protection, a properly applied film is perfect for the job. The film with an individual graphic design will draw the attention of passers-by and encourage them to take a closer look at your offer. This is a timeless way to visually change your buildings. Remember, this is not an investment for a few weeks, but for many years. It should be of the highest quality with a well thought out concept.

Treść oferty

arouse curiosity

With our help, you can choose the right type of foil as well as the way it will be applied. It depends on your preferences whether the entire window pane will be covered with foil or whether each graphic element will be applied separately. The entire wrapping process is carried out with maximum care and concentration in order to satisfy the most demanding customer.

For window cladding, we use an OWV film that lets daylight through, ensuring great visibility for advertising from the outside, and only causes a slight darkening from the inside. In addition, we offer a light-resistant self-adhesive white foil (matt or shiny), as well as a transparent foil.